Wednesday, January 21, 2009

God Moving in Me

I have come to a point of revelation about my time in Tucson. God brought me here not for the city, or to start ECC, or to help Central. God brought me here for me. I am not saying this to brag, because it is a very humbling admission. I came to Tucson with the idea that God would use me to help fix people’s lives by introducing them to Jesus; instead I am the one who has been through all the fixing. God brought me here, to fix me. That’s right God moved my family across the country, brought me on staff with Central Baptist, started a church and closed it, and led a merger that made no human sense. I know God has used us in the lives of others, but He had a work to do in me, and Tucson was the only way He could accomplish that work.
You might be wondering where I am going with this, I might seem a little self absorbed, am I suggesting it is all about me? In a way, yes! This admission is not one of pride though, I am very humbled. Why? Because the thought that God cares so much about me that all this time and resources would be poured into my life so that he could mold me into who He want me to be is an astounding thought to me. He really loves me that much. You see I am learning more with every day that passes that God is more interested in a relationship with each of us than anything else. He wants me to be more like Him so He has been molding my character, shaping into His likeness. This all started when I prayed a very simple prayer, “Here am I, send me Lord”. Little did I know what was to come, what that prayer really meant, but I know that the God of the universe is at work within me in all of this, and that is an amazing thought.

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