Friday, February 20, 2009

The Church at Starbucks

Something has been stirring in me lately. As most of you know I hold a part time job at Starbucks. I mostly open, and usually with the same core of people. I truly love these people; I can say that I sincerely care about their welfare. I also believe they feel the same way about me. I suddenly find myself looking forward to work on more than usual on a very consistent basis, not because I love coffee, because I actually despise it, but because the family that we have developed in the mornings. It’s not just the openers though as we held Starbucks party here at my house on Thursday we interacted as family. When it got down to the last 8-10 of us we had the most fun as there is something to that smaller group feel. My thought here is not how Great the people I open with are, or the people in Starbucks in general, although they are a great bunch, but my heart is towards the church. To be honest I have rarely experienced this kind of family in the church. I long for and encourage it, but it is hard to find. When I think of my Starbucks family I am reminded of my church youth group days. I was a part of a group that had a bond, fellowship, and an honesty that I have rarely seen in my experience in the church. We exploded, and as we lost that, we lost the group. I guess what I am trying to say is people are looking for this, I am looking for this. I am looking for a people that are so sold out to Jesus that they are also sold out to each other and before you know it your family. I think people are looking to join a cause like that.


Suzanne McDuffie said...

Wow Jerms - that's xciting! I know exactly what you mean - sometimes - it's sad - but there's more love outside the church than inside the church ... sometimes, its tough 2 get beyond the egos and masquerades and pretty smiles to the heart.
How will they know us by our love for one another??? I guess by what you're doing @ Starbucks and by us forgiving our siblings in Christ for their stoicism and setting an amazing example of love and openess and vulnerability in their presence - and screw the esteem of man and embrace the esteem of our heavenly Father.
Way to intentionally connnect and make Christ know @ work - proud of you!

DC Le Peau said...

hey jeremiah..

i agree with you-although w/closing. :) i have come to care and love for the people i work with on a weekly basis too --thats one of the reasons i came back after beniah. i truly feel like community is happening at work. and its sad to hear that you feel that more at work than in other areas of your life. you know i love our church..and community is VERY important to me-and we have definately found that at revolution. i hope that you guys are able to find community back in georgia~keep in touch-i'd be happy to hear about your ongoing life. christe l.