Friday, January 9, 2009

The Church

Found this quote..."The church needs to change from fear to faith; territorial to kingdom mindset; safety and selfishness to sacrificial generosity; isolation to involvement and partnership; complacency to commitment; laziness to learning and leadership"
What do you think about it? Questions?


Jesse Phillips said...

Yes! where did you get this quote?

I don't know about the "fear to faith" thing. But I agree with the kingdom mindset vs territorial or whatever.

The Church should all have one mission and we should all obviously work together in that mission.

Just like the armed services in a war - we have to work together to win. And it's down-right disgusting to see the underside of churches that focus on nickles and noses - that is clearly not what God intended!!!

and it's so frustrating, b/c it is so flippin clear from the Bible, but yet we do what we do anyway. We're in love with the way we've done things more than with what the Word says.

my opinion. God Bless you, brother! God, bless your Church! Help us to be united and love one another supernaturally! and to give ourselves sacrificially to love you and love outsiders! please, please, please!

Pastor J said...

I am not sure who said it. I found it on the net and really liked the message so I posted it here.