Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Walking, Talking, and Prayers for the Saints of a Small Town

I have recently begun walking to get rid of some of the fat that I have stored on my body. I found these to be great times with God as I get away by myself, sing, lift my hands, and talk with God. Last night my prayers took a turn to a small Northeast Georgia town called Toccoa. There are so many people that I love there, who affected my life for the good that it was hard to know where to start. There is the best friend that I have ever had, Dwain Dickinson, I love and miss him and his family. There is Walt and Barbara who taught us to handle money God’s way. He is a true man of God and I so appreciate all of His prayers. I miss our prayer time’s together man. There is Dian who, LOL, is a wee bit crazy, but I love her anyway. My church family, Zebulon Baptist, I truly grew to love them in a way I did not know you could love the church. There was Andy and Rodney, Floyd Payne and Tommy Farmer (who I heard just passed away) he will be missed! Jeremy and Brooke Stowe, our friends, nothing more need be said. There was the Sunday night small group that God deeply moved through. Of course there was Pastor Tony and Lori, “Don’t get off the bus, because we’re going somewhere”, LOL! That always cracked me up. These people touched my heart and family in a very special way, they are my brothers and sisters in Christ. They taught me that there can be a love between the body of Christ that goes so much deeper than blood relationship. As I prayed I could not help but thank God for them, pray that God would continue to move in and through them, as I hear great reports of what God is doing, and I write all of this to say thank you, and that I love and miss you all. You are in my prayers!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Jeremiah!
We think of you guys often and will continue praying for ya'll. Little Aurora is growing like a weed and I know she is as precious as you guys are.

Jeremy, Brooke & Carson