Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Running, Dying, and My Church Planting Journey Pt. 1

So I am changing directions tonight. I went for a run tonight. 3 MILES!!! I skipped around in my i-pod nano starting with “Loose Yourself” - Emeniem. This was a mistake as that song always gets me going so I started out to fast, I then slowed it down with the “Chariots of Fire” theme song…you know the one. LOL. Then I listened to Vanilla Ice w/Korn singing the metal version “Ice Ice Baby”, LOL. I know, I know, but it got me moving again. It was then a smooth transition into “Ridin’ Dirty”- Chamillionaire. By this time my heart feels like it is going to burst out of my chest. Good thing for me the movie place I was returning my rented movie was right there. After a short minute break I got going again to a forgettable song, and then “The Final Countdown” - Europe, came on. I was dying, plus I can never get through the end of that song so I skipped to my pleasant surprise “Smells Like Teen Spirit” - Nirvana, which got me rocking again. I then came to a strong finish with “It’s my life” - Bon Jovi, and “Rebirthing” - Skillet.
Ok so now you know my song list, I have an interesting taste in exercise music, and that I must be out of shape if half way through a 3 mile run I felt like I was going to die, which by the way I am in some serious pain. Seriously though I am going somewhere with this one, or as one of my old preachers says, “Don’t get off the bus yet folks, were going somewhere”. LOL! I could really go all kinds of places with this one but I am going to keep it personal. “Loose Yourself” is the way I started out this church planting journey, guns blazing, I then had to back off the peddle, “Chariots of Fire”, but jumped right back with an upgraded weapon ready to take on the world “Ice Ice baby”, and “Ridin” Dirty”. I was able to keep that pace for a bit, but I was so spiritually out of shape I started sucking air big time. That next stage truly was forgettable, but then I felt a slight pick me up, but it was just a passing thing. I was dead, “The Final Countdown”. Feeling like I could not finish. Suddenly new life struck, “Smell Like Teen Spirit”, I was truly juiced. I got a little selfish for a bit “It’s My Life”, and then began to realize what I knew in the beginning and that is that “it’s not about me”, “Rebirthing”.
Right now you are probably thinking how did he come up with that out of those songs, and while he was dying on a run? Simple, I didn’t, God did. You see when we begin to seek after God He can and will use anything and everything to speak to us and we must have spiritual ears to hear what the Spirit of God would say to us. God spoke much more by the way, but that will have to be saved for another blog as I am in so much pain I don’t think I can go anymore. The truth is not long ago I was there too in my spiritual journey, but through Christ I have persevered and come out the other side. More to come…

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