Monday, December 1, 2008

God Speaks...Pt. 5 "The Why Factor"

You ever wonder the why in a situation? You know God is at work and leading you, but you’re not exactly sure what He is up too. That is kind of where we are right now. I honestly don’t know why it was time to bring ECC to an end, except that God spoke it, so we followed. We still had financial backing, we were still in it for the long haul, and our core was still committed. This is not a money or numbers decision. It is a God spoke, we listened and obeyed thing. God has given us a glimpse as to the why, as our parent church, although having no debt load has come upon finically hard times. I am still amazed as they knew that supporting us the way they did would drain them, yet they stuck with it all the way. I have so much respect for Pastor Travis, the man I am now co-pastor with at Central Baptist, our parent church. The easy thing to do when this financial news came would be to say it’s time to cut Jeremiah off the payroll, yet he has done the exact opposite, suggesting that his salary package, not mine is the problem. He has been here 20 years, is near retirement, and owns a home here. Even now he is looking for a part-time job so that the church can cut his salary so that we both can stay on and lead in this merger. I thank God for his example of putting the cause of Christ in this genration first and foremost.
This Sunday will be the official merger of Central and Element. Our first service together will also bring about much change for both churches from musical styles, co-pastors, and the canceling of all programs as we seek who God would have us become as a church. It is a huge step of faith for all in involved. So we have some of the why, ECC is coming to an end because we are supposed to become a part of Central Baptist, but from there each step is really a step of faith, God has not given us the big picture, but asked us to step out with Him. I can truly say with all of my heart, “What an exciting place to be”.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for being so open about what God is doing in your life, Jeremiah.


Anonymous said...

J one thing about you that has not changed is your total desire to do it God's way no matter the cost. as old as i am (and you'll point out just how old) i have rarely met anyone that determined. when you were at wm i told you God would take care of you finances and He has been faithfull in that. and i believe that He is also maturing you in him at an accelerated pace. remeber we once talked about you having to fight a mighty big fight in these end times i believe that you are well on the way to that now.i know the J i know will do this strong in His might cause you will seek and do it the way God will emerge victorious in God and an awesome man of God who will blaze trails for others to follow.know his hand is on you always.