Thursday, December 26, 2013

September Prayer Letter

Dear Prayer Team, 

My heart is full as I write our second update to you. We arrived in Oshkosh in August 11 moving on faith. God clearly spoke to Stacy and I that we were to move at this time, yet we did not have a house to stay in or an income source to rely on. When we arrived in Oshkosh we stayed at the Super 8 hotel with holy anticipation of what God was going to do. Our first Monday here, August 12, I spent time looking for a job and a place to rent month to month as we are looking to buy a home in Oshkosh. After a very disappointing day, we checked back into the Super 8. Tuesday, we started again, and by Tuesday night we still had nothing; nothing but an invitation to go join a Missional community group, that is part of a church plant in Oshkosh called New City Church, for dinner and a time of sharing. During this time the pastor, who was the only person we knew in Oshkosh before we moved, and we barely knew him, asked this group how they could help us. That night we had a place to stay until September virtually free, a beautiful furnished 3 bedroom home, and a place to store our stuff for free as long as we needed. A miracle from God! I wish I could say that I had walked every step by faith those two days, but my flesh tried to take things into my own hands and I had to humbly go before The Lord in repentance. The Lord is surely gracious and forgiving in the midst of our sinfulness and stupidity. After moving in, we continued to look for month to month housing in Oshkosh and everyone was telling us that they didn't exists here. Then God decided to provide another miracle; we had two people contact us about renting from them month to month through a phone call and Internet post I had made. We are now living at 631 Franklin St. Oshkosh, WI. 54901, a fully furnished beautiful duplex. While all of this was happening I was still looking for a job to help provide for my family in the initial stages of Church planting, eight days after moving to Oshkosh I interviewed with Arby's and they hired me as a manager. Although it has taken some time to get all of the paperwork through I have finally started work. We stepped out in faith and in eight days I had a good job and within two days we had a home to live in which transferred into another home to live in. Additionally, our relationship with New City Church has truly been supernatural and I am excited to see how the Spirit will use this partnership in years to come. As I come to a close I want to share how you can be praying as I believe God wants to do miracles in this time and place and you can be part of that. 
Prayer Request:
  • Pray for New City Church as they launch their Church plant this week, pray that the Soirit would move in a party way and that they would see a great harvest.
  • Pray for individuals and families to catch a Kingdom vision and move to Oshkosh with us for the sake of the Glory of God and to join our church plants core team.
  • Pray for monthly giving partners to support this work (If you feel led to give or want to make contact with us you can mail a check to Jeremiah McDuffie 631 Franklin St. Oshkosh, WI. 54901. However, you can also mail a check to WGLD W6107 Aerotech Dr. Appleton, WI. 54914. (This is the best option for monthly giving and tax deductible gifts). Be sure to designate the funds to Jeremiah and Stacy McDuffie church plant. 
  • Pray that we raise the last $2,000 needed to make our initial $5,000 of initial support needed.
  • Pray for us as we go to CA to take a huge step in our assessment in Church planting with the CMA and Acts 29 September 18-22, and that we could finish this process by October.
  • Pray that we would have another church or two come along side us to support the church plant financially for two-three years.
  • Pray that God would give us a home to do much ministry out of (God has given us a huge vision for our home and we are praying way beyond our creature comforts to Kingdom living).
  • Pray that individuals, families, and churches would commit to coming to Oshkosh for a missions trip in the next two years for the purposes of evangelism and working on the ministry home.
  • Pray that we would make connections with community leaders that would lead to God honoring partnerships with the city.
  • Pray that we would connect with lost people within the city.
  • Pray that we would have continued clarity of vision for the city and this church plant.
  • Pray for our family that we would stay Christ focused and centered.
  • Pray for a core group of 50 people to launch this church.
  • Pray that our prayer team would grow to 200, it is at 100 now.
  • Pray that the churches of Oshkosh would be one and would network together for the good of our city and the sake of the kingdom.
I am sure there is more, but that is good for now, we love you all and are so grateful to our God for your faithful prayers, Jeremiah

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