Thursday, December 26, 2013

October Prayer Letter

Dear Prayer Team,

First sorry this letter is late. In September we have took the foot off the gas a little bit and aloud ourselves the chance to settle and get to know the city of Oshkosh. Some key people in our church planting process have encouraged us to not push the process of planting. They have encouraged us to allow ourselves the chance to settle in the city and get to know the people and it's culture. We have found this to be very sound Godly advice. Although, we have spent time settling in the city it has still been a very busy, eventful, month as we move forward in planting a church in Oshkosh. In the past month I started as a manager at Arby's until we work out raising the funding we need for the Church plant and lay the ground work needed to get off the ground. I have been training in a near by city so this has been a time consuming process. We have also been seeking to buy a home in the city so that we can firmly establish ourselves. As you might know we have been been praying over a specific home since before we moved to Oshkosh, but as The Lord began to close that door he also began to open our hearts to the city as a whole, not just a specific part. God has directed us to some amazing doors in this search and we feel so blessed to see Jesus provide in this way. (We will have more house news in next months letter). We also went to training in CA this month as part of our church planter assessment process. This was an incredibly blessed time as we made some great connections with fellow church planters and were able to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. As we have moved into October we are looking forward to completing the church planting assessment process sometime this month or in early Novmber. We are also moving full speed ahead on our housing situation and establing ourselves in the city. The Lord has been placing strategic people into our lives and we know with each passing day that The Lord has guided us here and that he is in this work. The love that has been growing in our hearts for Oshkosh has truly been supernatural as we know that we are not just here to plant a church, but we are home. This is a huge part of the planting process for both ourselves and those we would try to reach. There is more to tell, but for now, know that your prayers mean so much to us and that Jesus is moving in this work. 

Please be praying over a few things for us...

Pray we are able to establish ourselves in a home as we do not just want a home for ourselves, but we are praying that we could minister from our home and use it as a hub for being on mission for Jesus. 

Pray that we can establish full funding for the church plant. We have a key partner in this process lined up that is waiting for our assessment to be completed, but we need an additional church and individual partners.

Pray that we can get 100 people to commit to giving $10 a month for a one or two year commitment. This would be a huge step in getting us to the point of fully funding the work that Jesus has set before us. If you feel led to give to support please send your gift to 


W6107 Aerotech Drive

Appleton, WI 54914

Please make checks out to WGLD and be sure to memo line the gift to McDuffie Church Plant.

(These gifts are tax deductible).

Pray that God would direct us to the right people to establish a core group and for men to train up to be leaders.

Pray that we would have families and churches lined up to come and serve on missions trips in the summer and fall of 2014.

Pray for an intern or two to commit for at least a summer, but preferably at least a year.

Pray for our family to stay Jesus centered as we move forward and to not lose focus on our priorities. 

Lastly, pray that some would sacrifice as we have and move to Oshkosh for the sake of the gospel and the kingdom to be part of planting a church in this city.

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