Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It has been Awhile

For those of you who don't know I started school full-time in August. I have not had the time nor felt inclined to blog as of late, but thought I could share some of the things I write a long the way as a means of staying in touch...here's number one:

Daniel walked outside of his apartment, taking in the unusually cool summer air. It may have only been the end of August, but it was already beginning to feel like the beauty of fall was upon him. He paused and thought of the article he had just read called “The Pines” by John McPhee. In the essay McPhee relayed the idea that for a few brief moments he was frozen in time, caught up and taken away to a simpler time and place. That all things are God’s and must be stewarded as such.
Daniel then turned the corner to go down the small set of steps in front of him he looked over at the small waterfall that flowed to the side of his apartment complex. Heavy rain had intensified the flow of the fall, from what seemed a slow trickle to a heavy pour, down the jagged rocks. As Daniel continued to gaze, he too felt that time was being frozen for him. It was then that Daniel decided to break from his daily routine and slowly walked over to the waterfall.
Daniel stood captured by the beauty of the simpler things of this life. An old wooden bench, “the perfect place to get a few peaceful moments away with God”, he had thought. The beautiful trees that surrounded him, the rushing sound of the beautiful waterfall, and the abundance of green grass all seemed to carry the presence of God. “I am living in a national forest, there is a waterfall in my yard, the grass and trees are all in full bloom, God must be here!” were the words that seemed to scream from Daniel’s mind.
McPhee was right; all things are God’s, and this beauty was not to be hoarded, or abused, but shared. After all, we need our moments in time where we see God, and appreciate the beautiful gift that this world is. Yes, we all need to stop for a moment, and be frozen in time.

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