Friday, October 16, 2009

Coach...a high school story

Yesterday I was running a long slow run with one of my cross country teammates. Since it was a slow run we were talking about a wide variety of topics. Sports in high school came up and coaches. I found myself saying something very profound about my cross country coach from those years.
After high school I went back and coached alongside this man for three years. Yesterday I realized that I did not go back to learn more about running, or to be around the sport. I went back to be around this man! I felt so blessed to be able to just spend a few more days with him; much less a few years. When I was around him I was learning about life, about what it was to be a man. I hope that I have and am becoming this kind of man, not for the sake of my own pride, but for other young men that need someone to help them a long and teach them. Thanks coach…you know who you are.

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